Channeling my inner rabbit

Yesterday I harvested most of what was left of our winter garden. Our normally mild winter allows delicious greens to grow: kale, arugula, spinach, butter crunch and romaine lettuces. Warmer temperatures lurk in the near future and the cool-temp-loving greens will be gone. Fresh salads with greens from my garden have been a special treat all season.

As I created another salad last night, I was pretty impressed. I put together a salad-making basket of goodies and keep it in the fridge. It’s easy to pull the basket out, grab-slice-throw. I think of the greens as the canvas; the additional veggies the color palette: orange carrots, red tomatoes, white cucumber, brown bella mushrooms, purple cabbage, bleu cheese. Delicious!

Spring’s warmer temperatures are pushing into our neck of the woods. Our garden will soon take on it’s summertime crop; peppers and tomatoes. Yum! The harvest, or channeling my inner rabbit, is fulfilling both as a hobby and as a side dish!



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